S'interroger et s’étonner sur les grandes questions de la vie
Qu'est-ce que la philosophie ? Philomômes
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Programme année scolaire

2020 / 21

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Adultes, Entreprises
et Enfants 


“These lessons have been really enjoyable.  I have been able to think about things I would normally never think of. We always talk about different solutions for the subject that we are talking about and we have a different subjects every week. So it’s never boring! The subjects that Barbara chooses are really interesting and fun to talk about. We also get to pick subjects ourselves. I always learn a lot! These lessons also help me speak French more often and talk about things that affect me and my friends and family in French. Sometimes I think I already know all about something that we are talking about; actually I only know a tiny bit about it and by the end of the lesson I know so much more! Overall these lessons teach me so much and I’m glad that I get to join in every week!!!” 



sa tête,

son cœur

et son corps pour




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